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Q. What makes RePo better than the competition ?

Answer:  Our formula was thoughtfully created by a Cardiologist with 40+ years of practice that included training from one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world when it comes to Cardiac Care. Dr. Anwar specifically created RePo because he was worried for his patients cardiac care and the multitude of issues he was seeing from poor lifestyle choices related to what people were ingesting. Unlike many other energy shots, we have added all organic natural botanicals, with centuries known benefits, to enhance the effects of caffeine. Our caffeine is also all natural and organic whereas many leading energy shots have synthetic caffeine, one of the reasons for the dreaded “crash” from drinking those products. 

Q. Most energy shots have zero / almost zero calories but you have thirty calories. Why?

Answer:  Brain cells have only one source of energy to do their job, the glucose molecule. Stimulating brain cells with caffeine and other ingredients while denying it of its ONLY energy source did not make any sense. That is why organic cane sugar has been added to our shot. It has only 30 calories, less than 1% of the total daily calories recommended.

Q. What's the best way to enjoy RePo?

Answer:  Start with half the bottle ( One ounce ) around 8 am instead of your am coffee / Tea. Take the other half about 1-2 pm to get the post lunch boost. If you are very tired you can take the full bottle at a time. It has 170 mg of caffeine whereas most leading brands of energy shots have well over 200 mg ( some over 300 mg ) of caffeine. FDA says that > 400 mg of caffeine should be avoided. You can take two of our bottles without exceeding that limit.

Q. Any other way to use your product ?

Answer:  You can get creative! Our fans have said they mix RePo with a little olive oil and vinegar to make a salad dressing!  Others have said they love mixing it with a neutral carbonated soda to mellow out the flavor as well. We'd love to hear from y'all how you use your RePo! 

Q. Who should not take it?

Answer:  Children under 18, pregnant and nursing mothers must not take it. People with high BP and abnormal cardiac rhythm must check with their doctors before using it.

Q. What are possible side effects of RePo?

Answer: Some caffeine sensitive people may feel jittery. However, It is quite rarely reported, since some of the ingredients counter the brain stimulating effects of caffeine and other ingredients like ginseng. Most student volunteers reported that it IMPROVED their concentration while studying. Ginger and black pepper are spicy and some sensitive stomachs may experience heart burn. If that happens then either stop taking it for a couple of days or dilute it 50/50 with any non acidic fruit juice ( not orange or grapefruit juice for example ) or non caffeinated soda.

Q. What is the use of turmeric and ginger?

Answer:  Both of these are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants. Ginger is a natural energy booster in many ways! Moreover, shown have shown that turmeric is an anti-dementia agent when used chronically. Thus, a regular user of our shot could possibly accrue some anti-dementia benefit*.


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