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From the Physician Behind REPO

“My ancestors hailed from Kashmir, a heavenly valley nestled among the lofty Himalayas in Northern Pakistan/India. (I wanted to pay homage to those powerful mountains in our logo.) Growing up, my siblings and I were used to hearing our elders talking about the benefits of this or that fruit, vegetable or spice in treating such and such disease or ailment. As children, our cuts and abrasions were usually treated by our dear mother with a combination of honey and turmeric. Earaches were treated with oil in which some garlic had been fried. At the time, my siblings and I did not have a very high regard for such seemingly “ backwards” home remedies, and to the dismay of  mom - preferred being treated with what we considered to be real medicine.

 It was not until much later in life that I began to notice that almost all of modern medicine’s most effective and common remedies were derived from the plant kingdom. For example:

  • Aspirin, arguably the most common medicine in the world, comes from the Willow Bark Tree 
  • Opium (later refined to morphine) and codeine originate from the Poppy plant
  • Digoxin, once the most popular heart medicine, comes from the Foxglove plant
  • Amiodorone, one of the most potent cardiac anti-arrhythmic drugs, is derived from the Khella plant
  • Penicillin and all of its modern derivatives originated from a fungus
  • The most effective childhood epilepsy drug is sourced from the Marijuana plant

These and many similar observations led me to look at fruit, vegetables, and common spices in an entirely new and more appreciative light. I believe the reason for this prevalence of life-saving compounds in the plant kingdom is due to the fact that plants are the only living organisms that are fixed in a location and cannot move to seek sustenance or escape from danger. Thus, nature in its wisdom and benevolence has armed plants with substances that allow them to survive despite their immobility.

This newfound respect for natural remedies immensely impacted my work as a physician. I often tell my patients to first try herbal products (from a reputable source) for their common illnesses before taking any prescription medicine. For example, I have found that Trifala (an Ayurvedic mixture of three fruits available in juice or tablet form) works wonders for many of my patients with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Those patients often report that their IBS symptoms are completely cured without any additional medication. I also have had great success in treating my older patients with acute coughs using a mixture of honey, turmeric, and cinnamon; this treatment is not only effective, but it works without the side effects like drowsiness or confusion that are commonly associated with over-the-counter or prescription cough suppressants.

With REPO, my mission is to provide a great tasting, longer lasting, healthier energy shot with more health benefits than other energy shots on the market. My goal will always be to provide safe, effective and carefully formulated products to benefit your health to show you the same care that I've shown my patients all these years.”

Be well,

K. N. Anwar, MD., FACC


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